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Re: qmail and its maintainer being mistreated?!

Previously Josip Rodin wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 20, 2000 at 01:45:53PM -0500, Jon Marler wrote:
> > I was FORCED to change the uid/gid's by the project leader.

Excuse me? First of all in my way has the fact that I happen to be
project leader anything to do with this. The fact that I also happen
to maintain the base-passwd package is more relevant.

However in now way did I force you to do anything. I filed a bugreport on
November 17 last year requesting that qmail changes uids to another
range. The reason was partially the fact that I preferred not to have
uids for non-free software in the default passwd, and partially that
I wanted to clean 0-99 range up anyway, the qmail entries there were
actually in violation of our policy.

We discussed this a bit in email, and you suggested discussing it in
public to which I had no objection. I don't remember any public discussion
though, although I could be wrong here. I didn't change base-passwd
until Januari 14. After initially agreeing with the solution you later
said I forced you to do it.. I offered to reverse that change so we could
work something out for woody instead but you said you'ld rather fix it
in potato now that you started on that.

So please tell me where I forced you to make that change?

> But that change was quite reasonable (no other package owns that many static
> UIDs, so why should qmail?), and it didn't hurt the package - you just had
> it switch over to new numbers, right?

Actually it was a PITA from what I've heard of it, and perhaps we should
have discussed it a bit longer. However what's done is done, and from
what Jon mailed me when we discussed this it looks like he did an
excellent job to make it as painless as possible.


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