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qmail and its maintainer being mistreated?!

On Thu, Apr 20, 2000 at 01:45:53PM -0500, Jon Marler wrote:
> Qmail is a non-free package.  All the packages that I maintain are non-free. 
> Thus I am hated by my peers in Debian because I am a non-free maintainer. 

How in the heaven's name did you get that impression, that everyone hates in
Debian you for maintaining non-free packages? I for one do _NOT_ hate anyone
because of any packages they maintain, and I'm quite sure I'm not alone!

> Especially becuase I maintain qmail which is the MTA that Debian runs on all
> their mail boxen.  The die hard DFSG guys want qmail ripped out, and a DFSG
> compliant mail transport installed.

What's so bad in wanting to change to a free mailer? We are about free
software after all... nobody wants qmail out of the distribution (or if
they do, they keep it a secret because there is no basis for getting it

> I get 0 help from anyone else in Debian. 

Funny, I track lots of mailing list and hang out on our IRC channel, but I
haven't noticed you asking help. If you asked for help (and on the right
place) I'm sure someone would provide it.

> I was FORCED to change the uid/gid's by the project leader.

But that change was quite reasonable (no other package owns that many static
UIDs, so why should qmail?), and it didn't hurt the package - you just had
it switch over to new numbers, right?

I am quite appalled and saddened by this message of yours, it puts a bad
light on Debian as a whole, needlessly IMHO&IME. I'm CC:ing this message to
the -project mailing list because it concerns everyone else, not just
-bugs-dist readers.

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Please CC: me on any replies, I'm not on the -project mailing list ATM.

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