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Re: Incoming

On Mon, Apr 03, 2000 at 10:07:02AM -0400, Ben Collins wrote:
> If you are so careful and clueful, why do you need instant access to an
> incoming mirror?

to fix the machine(s) i use to test any upgrades. the fact that they are
unimportant enough to test an upgrade on doesn't mean that their entire
role is to be a test bed...they're usually either my workstation (at
work or at home) or machines on my home network -- part of the reason
I have a home network is to trial things before implementing them at
work...if they go down, they're not going to inconvenience anyone but me
and a handful of friends who know that the "price" of their free account
is that they get to be guinea-pigs for my evil experiments.

none of this is particularly relevant. we've had incoming mirrors for
years precisely because many people use debian in a similar way to me (i
know that sounds like blasphemy to you, as you admit of only One True
Way to use debian).  

Accordingly, i am not trying to justify why the Incoming mirrors should
remain as that MUST be the default. i am *demanding* that those who wish
to close it provide justification and prove that their proposed change
will not cause harm to debian users or developers.


craig sanders

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