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Someone on debian-devel just pointed us to the similarity between our logo 
and the one chosen for the Crusoe processor from http://www.transmeta.com/  
Maybe we should just all use the same logo, create a web ring between the 
pages, and go with the motto "'Crusoe running Debian GNU/Linux takes the 
world by storm' (see german weather forecast for predictions)" :) thus 
incorporating all of us in a giant marketing scheme...

Then, off course, we could get the DWD to use the Crusoe processor running 
Debian to predict the weather, and the scheme would be perfect.

Frankly, I don't see a problem between similar logos (they're also not 
_that_ similar) as long as they're for different things, and quite frankly 
I'm hard pressed to find a similarity between the German weather service and 
Debian, or Debian and a processor (although they're more closely related to 
each other than to the weather- someone correct me if I'm wrong :)

Regards, Nils.
ps. alternate marketing strategies welcome!

In message <[🔎] 387457CD.1CA88AB@net-operations.de>, Florian Kunkel writes:
>Hi project team !
>We just discovered some similarities in the DEBIAN logo with the logo of
>the DWD (german weather services) (www.dwd.de).
>To differentiate more, Debian should choose a "more own" logo I think.
>Florian Kunkel

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