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Re: [leganii@surfree.com: Re: FWD: C-Kermit & potato]

> If I'm going to be mean for a second then I could get the thought that
> the only reason to allow Open Source systems to use this software that
> i to spread the software so solaris and windows users *have* to pay
> you. That is what I read out of the license, but you mails probally
> shows otherwise.
Not to prolong this discussion, but to make sure there is no
misunderstanding: No user on earth has to pay for C-Kermit, even if
they are using Solaris.  Similarly, no *company* has to pay for it, if it
is for their own use.  However, Sun (unlike, say, Debian or Red Hat)
*would* have to pay to (for example) include C-Kermit as part of SunOS.
As, for example, HP has done with HP-UX.  In this case, Sun and HP are not
*users*, they are commoditizers.  And let's face it, they can afford to
pay a few dollars to subsidize a project that gives away the software to
all end users on earth (and anywhere else :-)

There's no point arguing about the license -- we have to pay our bills
here, and selling a few large licenses to companies that can easily afford
them is how we do it -- but I don't want people to misunderstand the
license.  Again, for those who are assuming what it says without actually
reading it, it's at:


- Frank

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