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Re: [leganii@surfree.com: Re: FWD: C-Kermit & potato]

I've sent this to both debian-devel and debian-project. Please remove
debian-devel from follow-ups.

Frank da Cruz <fdc@watsun.cc.columbia.edu> writes:

If non-free is good enough for you, then lets stop here. And when you
have a (I assume) GPLed gkermit something can go into main. (Non-free
isn't a part of debian and all that) 

> Peter Makholm <peter@makholm.net> wrote:

> > Problem1: I can't see any rights to modify the code, just redistribute it.

> That's a fine point.  You can modify the code all you want but since I
> have to support it now and forever, I need to get the changes.  Debian isn't

Debian isn't the only place distributing Linuxkernel but Does Linus
have a problem controling Linux?

(try asking the same with Gnome, nethack, X11...)

> > Problem2: If I can't distribute a program with solaris i anin't free in
> > Debians sense of freeness.

> You're free to define free however you want.  So am I :-)  It's a big,
> complicated world.

If we pretend that you only want to do the best for open source, then
I'm think you doing it the wrong way. Open source shouldn't be
promoted because some people is evil and some is good. Open source is
about better software for everybody.

If I'm going to be mean for a second then I could get the thought that
the only reason to allow Open Source systems to use this software that
i to spread the software so solaris and windows users *have* to pay
you. That is what I read out of the license, but you mails probally
shows otherwise.

There is a trap on this level! 

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