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VA.debian.org runs LDAP now

Hi all,

I spent the entire evening today converting VA to LDAP and cleaning out
alot of cruft. In the process I had to renumber several of CVS repository
group IDs, I hope this doesn't effect anything but if something goes
funny, this might be why.

There was some downtime on www user pages (~jgg for instance) because
apache didn't get restarted in a timely fashion. I am also going to erase
about 250 more-or-less empty/unused home directories. Nobody who would be
reading this should be in that set. 

Although I was carefull, I might have dropped a group membership in the
transition, if you find you are not in a group you should be in, email me
and I'll fix it up.

Other than that, I don't have a pamified ssh installed yet (maybe
tomorrow), so homedirs will not create on the fly.

If your password on VA is now forgotten follow the instructions at
http://db.debian.org/password.html please.


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