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VA.debian.org has changed IP


VA is in the process of changing their IP adresses around and today we
switched va.debian.org to its new address of It will still
respond on the old adress for some time, but please change any hardcoded
references to the new address now - in particular bind's
configuration file - VA is the root dns server for all of our domains.

The address should be replaced with

In particular the following people running offical secondaries for our
domains should make this change ASAP: 
  Ian Jackson (ns.chiark.greenend.org.uk.)
  Danny ter Harr (ns2.cistron.nl.)
  Christoph Lamenter (lamenter.com.)
  Phil Hands (ns.hands.com.)
  Vincent Renardieas (ns1.waw.com. and ns1.ldsol.com.)

Please email me when you do change so that I can make note of it.


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