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Re: New Architecture

geoff@banzai.apana.org.au wrote:
> Greetings,
> To get to the point as quickly as possible.... 
> What process(es) must be followed to start a Debian dist for a new
> architecture??

You'll need to be able to create native packages.  This means that
you'll need a kernel, a compiler (and tools), a glibc and a dpkg
(and tools).  If all these exist and you are able to recompile
Debian packages, it's time to ask for a new architecture.

> I'm hoping to kick into life a Debian/390 dist for the IBM S/390
> architecture based on the just released S/390 linux kernel patches.  Yes I


Though, I guess there are three arch's before binary-s390.

> p.s.  If there is already a Debian/390 project underway any pointers to it
> would be appreciated.

You should talk to the webmaster team to create prelimnary pages for



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