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Re: Proposed change to Debian constitution

So there's a lot of flaming here, and I'd like to make it clear that
I'm not interested in flamage, and it was a little intemperate of me
to ask "if it isn't X's fault, whose is it?"  I have more information
now than I wanted. ;-)

I'm simply in the position of being

1) Very clueful (I hope that isn't in doubt, at least for those who
   know me)
2) Actively using Debian and very happy with it
3) Interested in being a developer, both to facilitate work on the
   Debian/Hurd port and to contribute to the main Linux i386 portion
   of the project.

I don't know the political history, and I've certainly have no
particlar stake in one "side" or the other.  (I'm posting this to make
that as clear as I can; my previous messages were not intended as
covert support for any one existing political position.)

So tell me:  What exactly do I do?  I'm told by the Developer's
Reference that there is a specific procedure.  But I have some
reasonable cause to believe that there is in fact no chance of any new
developers being added soon.  Is that true?  Is that false?  


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