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RE: Fwd: Re: GNU/Debian finally comes clean

>>> No, it's all about free software.  As far as I know, Qt still isn't
>>> DFSG compliant.  
>>Ha, it occurs to me that the above naive assumptions are yet another
>>example of the far reaching effects of the GNU/Debian FUD.  I wish
>>GNU/Debian would have the decency to clean up their mess.

QT 2 is dfsg, but it is NOT gpl compliant is what I understand.

> Well, Qt wasn't free several months ago, and, judging from how out-of-date
> Debian is, I've always assumed they got stuck in some sort of weird warp in
> the space-time continuum.  If you mentally prefix all statements about
> Debian with "six months ago", it makes a lot more sense.

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