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Fwd: Re: GNU/Debian finally comes clean

>From gnu.misc.discuss today. Anyone have some comments on this? All
the package pool stuff is well and good, but how long is it going to
take to completely overhaul the archive if we decide to go with it?
How much more does our release cycle slip in the meantime?


On Sat, 04 Dec 1999 18:27:27 GMT, Navindra Umanee <navindra@cs.mcgill.ca> wrote:
>> No, it's all about free software.  As far as I know, Qt still isn't
>> DFSG compliant.  
>Ha, it occurs to me that the above naive assumptions are yet another
>example of the far reaching effects of the GNU/Debian FUD.  I wish
>GNU/Debian would have the decency to clean up their mess.

Well, Qt wasn't free several months ago, and, judging from how out-of-date
Debian is, I've always assumed they got stuck in some sort of weird warp in
the space-time continuum.  If you mentally prefix all statements about
Debian with "six months ago", it makes a lot more sense.

--Tim Smith

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