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Re: base dependency warning

Darren O. Benham writes:
 > The original authors of Lintian, however, felt value in including base and
 > oldlibs in the check.

It's their choice ;)

 > For my opinion, base section should either be defined as to what goes in
 > and who decides or the base section removed.

I choose the second ;)  What's the point in using the sectionning
feature to caracterize the inclusion into base.tgz, which is a
completely orthogonal issue, thus shadowing otherwise useful information ?

 > In reality, the base section idea could be better served by shuffling the
 > priorities and better defining the levels... but that's another issue.

Not even that, IMHO.  base.tgz is determined by the boot-floppies
team, and using either maintainer-defined fields will cause
duplication of the decision path, and thus probably headaches for some


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