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Please throw section "base"

Dear override-file maintainers,

As exposed recently in debian-project, and mentionned in the DWN issue
dated Nov 39th, the "base" section does not have any reason to be
there any more.  There were no objections raised against its

Joey pointed that changing the override file was the thing to change
for the cancelation to become effective, hence my request.

Here is a copy of the suggested sections for "base" packages I
identified from recent Packages file - feel free to override it ;)

Best Regards,
Yann Dirson    <ydirson@altern.org> |    Why make M$-Bill richer & richer ?
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 adduser		admin
 ae			editors
 base-files		admin ? misc ?
 base-passwd		admin ? misc ?
 bash			shells
 bsdutils		utils
 console-tools		utils
 console-tools-libs	libs
 debianutils		utils
 diff			text
 dpkg			admin
 e2fsprogs		admin
 fileutils		utils
 findutils		utils
 grep			text
 gzip			utils
 hostname		admin
 ldso			admin ? libs ?
 libc6			libs
 libncurses4		libs
 libpam-modules		admin
 libpam-runtime		admin
 libpam0g		libs
 libreadlineg2		libs
 libstdc++2.*		libs
 login			admin
 makedev		admin
 mawk			interpreters
 mbr			admin ?
 modutils		admin
 mount			admin
 ncurses-base		libs ?
 ncurses-bin		utils
 passwd			admin
 perl-5.*-base		interpreters
 perl-base		interpreters
 procps			utils
 sed			text
 setserial		utils ? admin ?
 shellutils		utils
 slang1			libs
 sysklogd		admin
 sysvinit		admin
 tar			utils
 textutils		text
 update			admin
 util-linux		utils
 lilo			admin
 apt			admin
 dpkg-ftp		admin
 fdflush		utils
 gettext-base		libs ?
 libgdbmg1		libs
 libnet-perl		interpreters ? net ?
 libwrap0		libs
 netbase		net
 ppp			net
 tcpd			net
 data-dumper		interpreters
 elvis-tiny		editors
 kernel-image-*		admin
 libnewt0		libs
 modconf		admin
 pppconfig		net
 syslinux		admin
 whiptail		libs
 dpkg-mountable		admin
 dpkg-multicd		admin
 grub			admin
 isapnptools		utils ?
 pcmcia-cs		utils ?
 pcmcia-modules-*	utils ?

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