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Re: Getting rid of section "base" ?

Goswin Brederlow writes:
 > I don´t like the 
 > alphabetic sorting. Its hard to find something you don´t know the
 > exact name of.

Hm... often "ls */*pattern*" in lftp was needed and sufficient for me
with current section-based layout.  I'm not sure how worse would be
alphabetic sorting.

 > Any frontend can just ignore the archive structure and use the info
 > from the packages files alone.


 > I think that even if the nature is
 > encoded onto the archive via the directory structure, that info should
 > still not be erased from the packages file,

Sure !

 > so the archive structure
 > doesn´t offer more information than the packages files (or the control
 > files of a package), but helps people finding their way through the
 > archive.

Yes, I agree that info derivable from the archive layout should be
present in the Package file.  But this constraint does not throw out
alphabetic sorting by itself ;)


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