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Re: Getting rid of section "base" ?

Daniel Burrows write:
>  No, there definitely need to be a *lot* more categories based on what a
> program is or does

I agree, but the official frontend is still dselect AFAIK, and it is
not able as-is to handle deeper hierarchies in a satisfactory manner.
This will probably come with modern frontends like gnome-apt.

>   Personally, I would like to see the "Nature" tag split between libraries,
> programs, data, and documentation, the "Interface" tag split
> between X, console, tty, and daemon (ie, no meaningful UI), and some more tags:

About "daemon" interface, I'd rather classify a daemon as "Nature:
server; ClientInterface: whatever-if-useful".  I see 2 orthogonal
issues here.

>   -> File Formats, a listing of all file formats the program can manipulate,
>     possibly restricted to some common ones and catch-alls,

This could be investigated using the "language/translator" model I
succintly depicted in Message-ID: <14405.39784.502704.61623@bylbo.nowhere.earth>
(same subject, same date, reply to Goswin).

>   -> Function, a broad categorization of the package, like the Section: tag we
>     have now but probably with slightly broader scope.  A quick thought
>     suggests: admin, devel, system, utils, net, graphics, games, editors, but
>     I'm sure a better approach can be chosen.
>   -> Finally: Category, a more narrow description of the package within its
>     function group.  For example, nethack might declare "Category: rpg", while
>     gnomeicu might declare "Category: icq".

I'm not sure I like the distinction between Function and Category.
Especially as Category is highly dependant on Category.

I'd rather suggest to have Sections like games/rpg and net/icq.
We can still have a skeleton hierarchy defined by policy, and allow
developpers to add ther own sub-sections as they see fit.  If that
somewhat distributed approach fails, then we'll see and adapt it.

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