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Re: Travel Assistance (was: Re: Debian at the bazaar?)

hey guys-

we'll be able to cover travel from DC with no problem. so far i have
Andrew F. and David C. from Debian. let me know if there will be others...


On 23 Nov 1999, David Coe wrote:

> I've got a place to stay (a brother) in the city, and can (will)
> attend some or all of those days; will most likely travel by Amtrak
> from Wahington DC, so travel expense is not the problem.
> I've never attended one of these things, so don't know what I should
> do to prepare.  Any advice?
> Who else is going?
> "Andrew G . Feinberg" <agf@debian.org> writes:
> > Guys,
> > 	Steve Blood of The Bazaar has offered to assist as many developers
> > as possible with travel expenses. If this would mean that you could come,
> > please get in touch with steve (sblood@thebazaar.org).

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