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Stop Xfree (Was: Stop Debian/FreeBSD

On Thursday 18 November 1999, at 22 h 6, the keyboard of John Goerzen 
<jgoerzen@complete.org> wrote:

> This is no mere political thing as you try to make it.  What you and
> others are trying to do is, in my opinion, seriously damaging to the
> Free Software community.  ...
> Let's stamp out the BSD license before more greedy
> companies and individuals exploit our work.
> WE MUST NOT ALLOW people to do that to Debian.

Please, ftpmaster, remove Xfree86 ASAP from the Debian archives. We must not let BSD or BSD-like licences to infect our pure system.

(You can wipe out LILO, Apache and sendmail as well.)

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