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On Sun, 7 Nov 1999, Decklin Foster wrote:

> Richard Braakman writes:
> > In the meantime, the boot-floppies NEED HELP.  If you want to get
> > involved, you can check out their code with this command:
> >   cvs -d youraccount@cvs.debian.org:/cvs/debian-boot co boot-floppies
> > Make sure that CVS_RSH is set to ssh.
> Well, last night I downloaded the floppies (in tgz form) from
> ftp.debian.org and tested them out... I ran into problems and want to
> see if I can pinpoint them and help out.
> However, telling me to log in with 'my account on master' (I assume
> this is what you mean, as 'anoncvs' doesn't work) doesn't help,
> because I don't *have* one. The reason I don't is that new-maintainer
> has been unnoficially closed since before i sent in my application in
> July, and is now officially not accepting anyone until Potato is
> released.
> So, I'm in a Catch-22. I can't get access to the CVS until potato is
> done, but I can't help speed up the potato release until I get access.
> So can someone tell me what the anonymous account is, or create one?

Head over to the boot-floppies mailing list.  I'm sure they'd love your


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