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Richard Braakman writes:

> In the meantime, the boot-floppies NEED HELP.  If you want to get
> involved, you can check out their code with this command:
>   cvs -d youraccount@cvs.debian.org:/cvs/debian-boot co boot-floppies
> Make sure that CVS_RSH is set to ssh.

Well, last night I downloaded the floppies (in tgz form) from
ftp.debian.org and tested them out... I ran into problems and want to
see if I can pinpoint them and help out.

However, telling me to log in with 'my account on master' (I assume
this is what you mean, as 'anoncvs' doesn't work) doesn't help,
because I don't *have* one. The reason I don't is that new-maintainer
has been unnoficially closed since before i sent in my application in
July, and is now officially not accepting anyone until Potato is

So, I'm in a Catch-22. I can't get access to the CVS until potato is
done, but I can't help speed up the potato release until I get access.
So can someone tell me what the anonymous account is, or create one?

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