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Pure data installers (was Re: Stop archive bloat)

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On Oct 18, Philippe Troin wrote:
> As a matter of facts, I'm kind of opposed to packaging "pure
> data" (this encloses bible-kjv, anarcho-syndicalism.deb, etc) because
> for "pure data", packaging is minimal (just dump the file(s) into
> /usr/share/doc and that's it). This doesn't apply to some reasonably
> sized "pure data" like /usr/share/dict/words etc...
> If we go on this way, we can't package the whole Gutenberg project
> (add a whopping 10 extra CDs), the noise in my kitchen as a .wav
> (would make a great datafile for mxv, xwave or xmms)...

Why not package "pure data" installers, like we do for non-free
software (xanim-modules, realplayer, star-office, etc.), and provide
the "pure data" on a dedicated "data server" (or data server network)?
We can provide iso image(s) of the data server for people who want to
make data CDs.  That way we can package 'bible-kjv-installer' or
'jargon-file-installer' and keep the files accessible for people,
without having to create two virtually identical huge packages (source
and binary-all).

[Also, I don't think the Gutenberg license is DFSG-compliant, but I
could be wrong.  If so, Gutenberg is a red herring.]

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