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Bug#982742: cups: config of usb printer now impossible due to usblp and libusb conficting (used to work!)

Am Tue, 16 Feb 2021 01:11:32 +0300
schrieb Alexander Pevzner <pzz@apevzner.com>:

Hi Alexander. Thanks for helping here.

> As I'm not very familiar with Avahi troubleshooting, any help or
> ideas are welcome.

Do you suspect some configuration issue or anything which leaves traces
within the file system?

If so, is there a way (other than comparing file by file looking at it)
to compare the avahi settings (or whatever) of my working installation
with to one not working?
I could mount one system somewhere into the other. Is there a
software or command to compare the relevant directories? Would this
help at all?

Or would it help to purge avahi* together with the few depending
packages and reinstall them?



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