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Bug#941580: Bug#941864: cups: pxlmono fails to print on Samsung ML-2250 with 9.28rc

Control: reassign 941580 ghostscript
Control: forcemerge 941864 941580

On Sun, Oct 06, 2019 at 09:27:36PM +0200, Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
> my Samsung ML-2250 printer stopped to work, it outputs a page with
> this error message:
>   PCL6 ERROR - sb_count != -128
>     POSITION : 0xbc8 (3016)
>     SYSTEM   : XLPGP/xl_pattern
>     LINE     : 890
>     VERSION  : PCL6 3.34 05-01-2004
> Ghostscript adds the (apparently useless, at least for PCL6)
> EOD marker as the last byte of RLE compressed data.  According to
> spec, 0x80 bytes have no meaning and should be ignored
> ("A control byte of -128 is ignored and is not included in the
> decompressed data. The byte following a control byte of 128 is
> treated as the next control byte.").  But the error message from
> my printer reads like a failed assertion for this case, i.e. the
> printer firmware is buggy.


Similar problem seems to happen with foomatic/pxlcolor for C2550 (Canon
imageRunner iRC2380i), reported as cups-filters#941580.

Error message printed is now

PCL XL Error
    Subsystem: IMAGE
    Error:     ExtraData
    Operator:  ReadImage
    Position:  876

> To test my theory I made the following change:

Tried the same change and it makes printer work again. Thanks a lot for the

I am resssigning #941580 to ghostscript and merging it into #941864.



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