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cups-filters 1.25.7 released!


I have released cups-filters 1.25.7 now, with the following changes:

	- implicitclass, libcupsfilters: Fixes to solve an assertion
	  error and printing to an Apple Raster printer (Issue #162,
	  Ubuntu bug #1845286, Ubuntu bug #1845548).
	- cups-browsed: Do not try to resolve the network interface
	  name on Avahi messages which are not interface-related (like
	  "All for now"or "Cache exhausted", Issue #163).
	- Build system: The helper script ln-srf to build on systems
	  with old ln was not included in the release tarballs (Issue
	- pdftoraster: Fixed some bugs in output bitmap generation (
	  writePageImage() function): Segfault on output of
	  up-side-down pages (back side when printing duplex on some
	  printers), margin offsets not taken into account on
	  monochrome jobs, CUPS_CSPACE_W color space not recognized as
	  monochrome (Ubuntu bug #1845286).

Bug fix release, fixing several crashes, pdftoraster not working with monochrome jobs, printing to clusters.

Please release this on Debian so that I can sync it into Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance.


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