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Re: Bug#909208: ippusbxd: The purpose of recommending system-config-printer-udev?

On 19/09/18 20:07, Brian Potkin wrote:
When hplip is not installed, my ENVY 4500 gets set up as an IPP-over-USB
printer very nicely. With hplip installed, plugging the USB cable into
the machine before starting ippusbxd gets me a non-driverless queue. Why
should I want that?

This is done to assure that the scanners in HP's multi-function devices work. With a driverless setup the scanner would not work. This is also why ippusbxd recommends system-config-printer-udev.

In one or two years we will probably have devices with IPP driverless scanning though (the standard is already defined by the PWG, only there is no appropriate device on the market yet).

Furthermore, the non-driverless queue is shared. It seems a little
unusual to provide access to the printer when the ippusbxd queue doesn't
specifically allow it.

It seems that CUPS shares a new printer by default and that system-config-printer-udev does not explicitly set them not shared.


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