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Bug#909208: ippusbxd: The purpose of recommending system-config-printer-udev?

Package: ippusbxd
Version: 1.33-1
Severity: normal

I have been using ippusbxd on a number of unstable installations which                                                 
are up-to-date. The printer is exposed on a dummy0 interface with                                                      
 ip link add dummy0 type dummy                                                                                         
 ip link set dummy0 up multicast on                                                                                    
 ip addr add dev dummy0                                                                                
ippusbxd is started with either                                                                                        
 ippusbxd -i dummy0                                                                                                    
 ippusbxd -i dummy0 -d                                                                                                 
after the printer is plugged into a USB port. Unplugging the printer                                                   
sees ippusbxd stopping.

When hplip is not installed, my ENVY 4500 gets set up as an IPP-over-USB
printer very nicely. With hplip installed, plugging the USB cable into
the machine before starting ippusbxd gets me a non-driverless queue. Why
should I want that?

Furthermore, the non-driverless queue is shared. It seems a little
unusual to provide access to the printer when the ippusbxd queue doesn't
specifically allow it.



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