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Bug#908937: ghostscript breaks ocrmypdf autopkgtest

Dear Sean,

On 16-09-18 20:30, Sean Whitton wrote:
> Paul: does preventing regressions in testing take precedence?

Normally, yes temporarily (we are not blocking yet), but ghostscript was
uploaded with urgency high. That means that regressions are ignored and
without an RC bug, ghostscript will migrate to testing tomorrow (if my
counting is correct).

> If so,
> this bug should be reassigned to ghostscript and raised to RC severity.

I don't follow what you mean by this sentence.

> But ISTM that ocrmypdf is less important, so ghostscript should be
> allowed to migrate and ocrmypdf should be kicked out.

ocrmypdf can stay in testing as long as it doesn't have an RC bug itself.

So just to make it clear: if this change making ocrmypdf totally
unusable and you still want ghostscript to migrate to testing to fix
multiple CVE's, than assigning this bug to ocrmypdf and raising it to RC
level will start the autoremoval process. If you think it is worth
searching for a solution in ghostscript to avoid it breaking ocrmypdf,
than reassign this bug to ghostscript and raise the severity to RC level
to avoid migration.


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