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Re: Multifunction laser printer with free scanner drivers?

Brother drivers seem to be GPL: https://tinyurl.com/y7e2bpws

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El 14/03/18 a les 20:21, Daniel Gnoutcheff ha escrit:
> Hello,
> I'm looking for printer/scanner combos to put in some home offices.
> Some will be printing a lot, so I'd prefer laser over inkjet.  Many of
> the offices are cramped, so I'd prefer a compact multi-function unit
> over a separate printer and scanner.
> So far, I've been unable to find a device where both printing *and*
> scanning works with free drivers.  For example, the HP M227fdn is listed
> (https://developers.hp.com/hp-linux-imaging-and-printing/supported_devices/index)
> as "fully supported" by HPLIP with no (proprietary) plugin involved, but
> apparently that's only for the printer part.  Having purchased it, I've
> learned the hard way that the scanner driver doesn't work without a
> proprietary plugin.  I'm not the first to make that mistake it seems
> (https://bugs.launchpad.net/hplip/+bug/1727056).
> Has anyone managed to find a multi-function laser printer/scanner where
> both printing and scanning are supported by free drivers?
> Thanks,
> Daniel G.

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