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Multifunction laser printer with free scanner drivers?


I'm looking for printer/scanner combos to put in some home offices.
Some will be printing a lot, so I'd prefer laser over inkjet.  Many of
the offices are cramped, so I'd prefer a compact multi-function unit
over a separate printer and scanner.

So far, I've been unable to find a device where both printing *and*
scanning works with free drivers.  For example, the HP M227fdn is listed
as "fully supported" by HPLIP with no (proprietary) plugin involved, but
apparently that's only for the printer part.  Having purchased it, I've
learned the hard way that the scanner driver doesn't work without a
proprietary plugin.  I'm not the first to make that mistake it seems

Has anyone managed to find a multi-function laser printer/scanner where
both printing and scanning are supported by free drivers?

Daniel G.

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