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Bug#870463: lp no longer honours default printers

Control: tags -1 +upstream
Control: severity -1 wishlist
Control: forwarded -1 https://github.com/apple/cups/issues/5096
Control: retitle -1  lp error message when the configured default printer isn't available could be clearer

Le samedi, 26 août 2017, 17.20:08 h CEST martin f krafft a écrit :
> also sprach Didier 'OdyX' Raboud <odyx@debian.org> [2017-08-26 15:20 +0200]:
> > >   albatross:~/FOR_FILING% head -1 ~/.cups/lpoptions
> > >   Default mfc9465cdn
> > >   albatross:~/FOR_FILING% lp -P 30 2017-08-02-Scans.pdf
> > >   lp: Error - no default destination available.
> I am sorry, I totally forgot about this bug report.

Don't worry. I was just doing some routine bug triaging.

> The problem was that the cups-browsed upgrade ended up with new device
> names, so obviously the previous one "mfc9465cdn" no longer works. The error
> message could be improved, i.e. "Invalid default destination specified in
> config file: mfc9465cdn", but other than that, this isn't really a bug.
> What do you want me to do? Take this upstream? Downgrade? Close?

Just did all of that. :-) See the control tags above.


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