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Re: A new wiki page

On Thu 19 Jan 2017 at 16:22:30 -0200, Till Kamppeter wrote:

> Thank you for writing up all this. Some remarks:
> - All pages: OdyX' real name is Didier Raboud, without "m".

Sloppy of me. Apologies to Odyx.

> - AirPrint page, section "Printing Directly to an AirPrint Printer Without
> an iOS Client": PCL is not an AirPrint PCL, so problems with it have nothing
> to do with AirPrint support. AirPrint PDLs are only PDF, Apple Raster, and
> JPEG. So the problems with PCL printing should be talked about on the main
> driverless printing page, not on the AirPrint page.

The AirPrint page was written well before the DriverlessPrinting page, I
think I was trying to say at the time that cups-browsed would only
create a queue for PDLs it recognised. I'll think again. It makes sense
to fit it in elsewhere.

> - Printers designed for driverless printing in local networks (without the
> use of servers on the internet) which can be used with free software are
> currently either IPP Everywhere or AirPrint printers (there is also a
> proprietary Mopria method with PCLm as PDL, PCLm having nothing to do with
> PCL, but without PCLm documentation it cannot be used with free software).
> CUPS itself supports driverless with these two.

I thought I had put that over. However. I will make a point of rereading
and making sure it is emphasised.

> - cups-browsed supports also a kind of "legacy driverless printing". This
> means that some other common PDLs as PostScript, PCL-XL, and PCL 5c/e are
> supported and also older IPP versions (1.x). Note that here missing
> capability info can be replaced with default values and that implementations
> of these languages in the printers are often not reliable, so that printing
> often does not work perfectly, in contrary to "official" driverless
> printing. Note that the PCL of HP inkjets does not work and therefore
> cups-browsed does not auto-create queues for them and that PCLm is
> proprietary and undocumented and has nothing to to with PCL-XL or PCL 5c/e.

Granted, some of this did not get an explicit mention but it is there
in a link. I'll probably use it verbatim to give it more prominence.

I like to test things I write about. The only other printer I have which
claims to do IPP is a Laserjet 2200. The driverless utility does not
come up with a device-uri for it. I can guess at ipp://<IP>/ipp/port1
and use it with ipptool to get a (short) output and with 'driverless
<device-uri> to generate a PPD.



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