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Re: A new wiki page

Thank you for writing up all this. Some remarks:

- All pages: OdyX' real name is Didier Raboud, without "m".

- AirPrint page, section "Printing Directly to an AirPrint Printer Without an iOS Client": PCL is not an AirPrint PCL, so problems with it have nothing to do with AirPrint support. AirPrint PDLs are only PDF, Apple Raster, and JPEG. So the problems with PCL printing should be talked about on the main driverless printing page, not on the AirPrint page.

- Printers designed for driverless printing in local networks (without the use of servers on the internet) which can be used with free software are currently either IPP Everywhere or AirPrint printers (there is also a proprietary Mopria method with PCLm as PDL, PCLm having nothing to do with PCL, but without PCLm documentation it cannot be used with free software). CUPS itself supports driverless with these two.

- cups-browsed supports also a kind of "legacy driverless printing". This means that some other common PDLs as PostScript, PCL-XL, and PCL 5c/e are supported and also older IPP versions (1.x). Note that here missing capability info can be replaced with default values and that implementations of these languages in the printers are often not reliable, so that printing often does not work perfectly, in contrary to "official" driverless printing. Note that the PCL of HP inkjets does not work and therefore cups-browsed does not auto-create queues for them and that PCLm is proprietary and undocumented and has nothing to to with PCL-XL or PCL 5c/e.


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Can you post a link to the page? Thanks.

Embarrassing (for me). :)




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