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cups-filters 1.13.3 released!


I have released cups-filters 1.13.3 now, with the following changes:

	- libcupsfilters: When auto-generating PPD files added support
	  for passing through JPEG input to printers which understand
	  JPEG. This is also done in CUPS-generated PPDs (Debian bug
	- libcupsfilters: Added the "output-bin" option support from
	  CUPS' PPD generator to our PPD generator (CUPS Issue #4938).
	- cups-browsed: Make support for printers with IPv6 IP address
	  work. Both link-local and regular addresses work.

This makes cups-browsed working with all IPv6 IP addresses and syncs the capabilities of the PPD generator with the one of CUPS 2.2.2.

Let this build-depend on CUPS 2.2.2, as otherwise cups-filters builds without Apple Raster support.

Thanks in advance.


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