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CUPS 2.2.2 released


CUPS 2.2.2 is now officially released with the following changes reported in CHANGES.txt:

- Fixed some issues with the Zebra ZPL printer driver (Issue #4898)
- Fixed some issues with IPP Everywhere printer support (Issue #4893,
  Issue #4909, Issue #4916, Issue #4921, Issue #4923, Issue #4932,
  Issue #4933, Issue #4938)
- The rastertopwg filter could crash with certain input (Issue #4942)
- Optimized connection usage in the IPP backend
- The scheduler did not detect when an encrypted connection was closed
  by the client on Linux (Issue #4901)
- The cups-lpd program did not catch all legacy usage of ISO-8859-1
  (Issue #4899)
- Fixed builds on systems without a working poll() implementation
  (Issue #4905)
- Added a USB quirk rule for the Kyocera Ecosys P6026cdn (Issue #4900)
- The scheduler no longer creates log files on startup
- The ippContainsString function now uses case-insensitive comparisons
  for mimeMediaType, name, and text values in conformance with RFC 2911.
- The network backends now log the addresses that were found for a
  printer (<rdar://problem/29268474>)
- Let's Encrypt certificates did not work when the hostname contained
  uppercase letters (Issue #4919)
- Fixed reporting of printed pages in the web interface (Issue #4924)
- Updated systemd config files (Issue #4935)
- Updated documentation (PR #4896)
- Updated localizations (PR #4894, PR #4895, PR #4904, PR #4908,
  Issue #4946)
- Updated packaging files (Issue #4940)

In addition (undocumented change), support for the Apple Raster data format was added to libcupsraster and so to the rastertopwg filter. This leads to the fact that not only IPP Everywhere printers can be set up with automatic PPD generation and without printer-specific drivers (driverless printing) using the "lpadmin" command with "-m everywhere" and the IPP URI of the printer but also Apple-AirPrint-compatible printers can be set up the same way (also via "lpadmin ... -v <IPP URI> -m everywhere").

cups-filters supports the Apple Raster support (both as input and as output data format) from version 1.13.0 on. Especially with one of the lines

CreateIPPPrinterQueues AppleRaster
CreateIPPPrinterQueues Everywhere AppleRaster
CreateIPPPrinterQueues Driverless
CreateIPPPrinterQueues All
CreateIPPPrinterQueues Yes

set in /etc/cups/cups-browsed.conf cups-browsed auto-creates also print queues for AirPrint printers, auto-generating an appropriate PPD file.

In the CUPS web admin interface there will also be an entry marked with "driverless" under the discovered network printers for each supported AirPrint or IPP Everywhere printer.

Note that cups-filters needs to be built with CUPS 2.2.2 or later installed for that.

Please upload the new CUPS 2.2.2 to Debian so that I can sync it to Ubuntu.


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