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Bug#851705: cups-browsed: Only one queue is allowed when CreateIPPPrinterQueues is used

Package: cups-browsed
Version: 1.13.2-1
Severity: normal
Tags: upstream

The creation of a queue with CreateIPPPrinterQueues couldn't be easier
but auto-generation of a PPD gets default default values for the printer
capabilities. I think it is legitimate (and long-established practice)
for other queues with different options for the same printer to be
capable of being set up.

This cannot be done with CreateIPPPrinterQueues so another tool (the web
interface, s-c-p or lpadmin) would have to be used. However, after
setting up another queue and restarting cups-browsed, the original
CreateIPPPrinterQueues queue disappears.

Of course this may be simply the way it is meant to work. In which case
we can close this report.


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