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Bug#851499: cups-filters-core-drivers: Everywhere PPD content depends on queue creation method

On Sun 15 Jan 2017 at 22:15:49 -0200, Till Kamppeter wrote:

> Fixed in cups-filters upstream, BZR rev. 7599.

I have built this and copied libcupsfilters to /usr/sbin.

> Thank you for the bug report.

And thank you for the level of detail. I will find a use for it on a
soon to published wiki page.

> "lpadmin -m everywhere" uses the PPD generator in the CUPS library. The
> generator has no public API and so it cannot be used by other programs using
> the CUPS library.
> Therefore I have copied the PPD generator from CUPS and put it into the
> libcupsfilters library, WITH public API, and keep it in sync with the
> original by overtaking any changes.
> This version of the PPD generator is used
> - When cups-browsed creates a local print queue and generates a queue
>   for it (IPP network printers).


 *cupsFilter2: "application/vnd.cups-raster application/vnd.hp-pcl 700 rastertopclx                                     
 *cupsFilter2: "image/jpeg image/jpeg 0 -"
 *cupsFilter2: "image/urf 100 -"

> - When a queue is set up with a printer setup tool like system-config-
>   printer or localhost:631. In this case the "driverless" utility of
>   cups-filters is used to generate the PPD file.


 *cupsFilter2: "application/vnd.cups-raster application/vnd.hp-pcl 700 rastertopclx
 *cupsFilter2: "image/jpeg image/jpeg 0 -"
 *cupsFilter2: "image/urf 100 -"

> The two PPD generators are not absolutely equal because I have added some
> features:
> - The original PPD generator only supports PWG Raster, Apple Raster,
>   PDF, and JPEG as printer PDL, my generator also accepts (with lower
>   priority) PostScript, PCL-XL, and PCL 5c/e, for legacy printers.
> - The original PPD generator requires all printer capability, option,
>   and choice information from the printer attributes IPP request, my
>   generator can in some cases fall back to info from the Bonjour record
>   or even hard-coded default values. This adds support for some legacy
>   printers.
> The difference in the generation of *cupsFilter2 lines in the PPD generator
> is due to the support for the additional legacy PDLs. I had overlooked JPEG
> that time. Now I have added the JPEG support the same form as CUPS does. If
> input is JPEG and the printer understands JPEG, the JPEG input gets passed
> through without filtering.
> As JPEG supports only one-page documents (pictures) and most common PDLs are
> multi-page (needed for typical print jobs), there should never be a filter
> rule turning PDF (or any other multi-page language) into JPEG.

The bug looks fixed to me.


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