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Re: Auto-creation of IPP network printer queues


the problem here has nothing to do with AirPrint, it is a standards IPP coeenrction.

The problem is that the PCL of HP's inkjets and of HP's lasers are different, even that both printer types advertise that the understand "application/vnd.hp-PCL". Only the PCL of laser printers (PCL 5/5c/5e) is aupported by generic PCL drivers including the one used by cups-filters. Therefore driverless automatic network printer setup is only supported with PCL laser printers not with PCL inkjets.

PCL inkjets work under Linux though, but need HPLIP (which is part of prctically any Linux distribution.


On 03/28/2016 02:26 PM, Brian Potkin wrote:
I have an HP ENVY 4500 series inkjet. With cups-browsed 1.0.61-5 on
Jessie and 'CreateIPPPrinterQueues Yes' in cups-browsed.conf a print
queue is created. With cups-browsed 1.8.3-2 it is not. The output from
'cups-browsed -v' says it is ignoring this printer as "...its PDLs are
not known".

I eventually tracked this down to a change made in 1.3.0-1:

    cups-browsed: Auto-create queues for PCL-5c/e printers but
    not for HP inkjet printers (which also advertise themselves
    as PCL printers).

The TXT Record for this printer has


so I assume it is 'application/vnd.hp-PCL' which is being discriminated


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