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Bug#655106: [printer-driver-hpcups] Found!

Package: printer-driver-hpcups
Version: 3.13.4-1

I have found what cause the problem.

I have solved after I have removed/commented the row number 177 in file debian/rules

this is the content:

sh debian/local/make-duplex-page-sizes-default.sh $(PKGTMP)/usr/share/cups/drv/hpcups.drv

before this row I see

    # Modify PPD generator of hpcups (hpcups.drv) so that standard paper
    # sizes support duplex printing. The former standard paper sizes with
    # narrower borders get optional choices now (Ubuntu/upstream bug
    # 487695)

and I don't know if this removal can cause a regression of that old bug.

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