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Bug#709207: cups: Duplex printing from ios6 via airprint doesn't work

Hi again,

Using the LJET4D.PPD that is one of the suggested for B410dn duplex printing from ios does work indeed.


On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 7:56 PM, Jonas Meyer <quitte@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi OdyX, 

I don't have another printer readily available - I'll ask around.

By any other way I meant printing from locally running programs or from another Computer.

As you think the PPD might be at fault I tried configuring the printer as a Generic Postscript Printer using the POSTSCRI.PPD.
I'll try to find something that works better.

The CUPS Printer Test Page is printed just fine and double sided.

IOS on the other hand causes the printer to print an Error after flipping the paper:



On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 6:41 PM, Didier 'OdyX' Raboud <odyx@debian.org> wrote:
Hi Jonas, and thanks for your bugreport,

.oO(Putting Till in copy)

Le mardi, 21 mai 2013 19.31:20, Jonas Meyer a écrit :
> I set up a OKI B430dn printer, using OKIs PPD. The printer is connected via
> Ethernet to the LAN. I enabled sharing of the printer an Internet sharing
> and the printer popped up in the Print Menu of my iPod running the latest
> version of iOS6.
> Single Sided Printing works exactly as expected. But if I enable double
> Sided Printing I get the very sam output, but the paper takes the extra
> route through the duplexer. Printing to the PDF file Printer shows, that
> no empty pages get inserted in the filtering. Looking at the ps file that
> is to be sent to the printer doesn't show any problems,either. This seems
> to be true with the latest versions of cups and cups-filters, too.

This makes me think either the printer itself or the PPD files are at fault
here. Does the same happen on other printers that you could eventually test?

> If I send duplex jobs any other way than from iOS everything works as
> expected.

What "any other way" are you referring to here? Duplex-printing from non-iOS

> So when I print a duplex job from IOS the duplexer gets activated and the
> paper travels the extra way through the printer. Instead I'd expect the
> printer to actually print on both sides.

That's a reasonable expectation indeed.



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