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Bug#709207: cups: Duplex printing from ios6 via airprint doesn't work

Hi Jonas, and thanks for your bugreport,

.oO(Putting Till in copy)

Le mardi, 21 mai 2013 19.31:20, Jonas Meyer a écrit :
> I set up a OKI B430dn printer, using OKIs PPD. The printer is connected via
> Ethernet to the LAN. I enabled sharing of the printer an Internet sharing
> and the printer popped up in the Print Menu of my iPod running the latest
> version of iOS6.
> Single Sided Printing works exactly as expected. But if I enable double
> Sided Printing I get the very sam output, but the paper takes the extra
> route through the duplexer. Printing to the PDF file Printer shows, that
> no empty pages get inserted in the filtering. Looking at the ps file that
> is to be sent to the printer doesn't show any problems,either. This seems
> to be true with the latest versions of cups and cups-filters, too.

This makes me think either the printer itself or the PPD files are at fault 
here. Does the same happen on other printers that you could eventually test?

> If I send duplex jobs any other way than from iOS everything works as
> expected.

What "any other way" are you referring to here? Duplex-printing from non-iOS 

> So when I print a duplex job from IOS the duplexer gets activated and the
> paper travels the extra way through the printer. Instead I'd expect the
> printer to actually print on both sides.

That's a reasonable expectation indeed.



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