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Bug#649991: Please rename the hplip packages to the printer-driver- convention

Source: hplip
Version: 3.11.10-1
Severity: important

Le vendredi, 4 novembre 2011 13.26:15, Didier Raboud a écrit :
> Till Kamppeter wrote:
> > The PostScript printer PPDs are also a driver package, for the
> > PostScript printers. Therefore the PPDs must get into a
> > printer-driver-... package, too.
> Same reasoning as for gutenprint. printer-driver-* for "the driver that
> works with cups", others would stay untouched (and kept out of the
> "default" printing stack installed).

Okay, we need to get this done.


* rename hpijs to printer-driver-hpijs;
* rename hplip-cups to printer-driver-hpcups;

I can provide patches if wanted, but unfortunately, the svn repository pointed 
at by the Vcs-* fields of the package is clearly outdated.



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