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Bug#627542: foo2zjs: Duplex printing option gone

Le samedi, 21 mai 2011 21.59:58, Sam Morris a écrit :
> Package: foo2zjs
> Version: 20110210dfsg-2
> Severity: normal
> In version 20090908dfsg-5.1 of the package there was an option to print
> on both sides of the paper to the Samsung CLP-300. In the current
> version, this option has gone.

Hi Sam, and thanks for your bugreport,

Hunting your bug is not easy as upstream doesn't have a public VCS (so we have 
to work on big patches and make wild guesses). Furthermore, Debian has seen no 
version between 20090908 and 20110210, so we don't have much data.

But… I tried a simple patch (attached), that only re-introduces the Duplex 
option in the PPD. a package built with this package is available there: 


Could you try it and report back if it does work as expected ?

Note that from the upstream changelog, the Duplex option has been removed from 
some CLP printers in favour of a tool to simulate it (gnome-manual-duplex):

      * foo2qpdl foomatic-db and PPD files: fix Duplex for clp-6100, clp-610,
        clp-620. Manual Duplex is no longer supported. Use Gnome-Manual-Duplex

        Please delete and recreate the Samsung CLP-6?? printers.

So it might be possible that your bug is actually a desired evolution from 

Description: Re-introduce the Duplex option to CLP-300.
Author: Didier Raboud <odyx@debian.org>
Bugs-Debian: #627542
Last-Update: 2011-05-25
--- a/PPD/Samsung-CLP-300.ppd
+++ b/PPD/Samsung-CLP-300.ppd
@@ -250,6 +250,18 @@
 *FoomaticRIPOptionSetting MediaType=transparency: "-m11 "
 *CloseUI: *MediaType
+*OpenUI *Duplex/Duplex Printing: PickOne
+*FoomaticRIPOption Duplex: enum CmdLine A
+*OrderDependency: 210 AnySetup *Duplex
+*DefaultDuplex: None
+*Duplex DuplexNoTumble/Long Edge (Standard): "%% FoomaticRIPOptionSetting: Duplex=DuplexNoTumble"
+*FoomaticRIPOptionSetting Duplex=DuplexNoTumble: "-d4 "
+*Duplex DuplexTumble/Short Edge (Flip): "%% FoomaticRIPOptionSetting: Duplex=DuplexTumble"
+*FoomaticRIPOptionSetting Duplex=DuplexTumble: "-d5 "
+*Duplex None/Off: "%% FoomaticRIPOptionSetting: Duplex=None"
+*FoomaticRIPOptionSetting Duplex=None: "-d1 "
+*CloseUI: *Duplex
 *OpenUI *Copies/Copies: PickOne
 *FoomaticRIPOption Copies: int CmdLine A
 *FoomaticRIPOptionPrototype Copies: "-n%s "

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