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Ghostscript CMap files

Hi Till and others (esp. gs-cjk-resource maintainers),

I noticed that recent Ghostscript packaging for [Ubuntu] dropped the indirection of CMap files.

I am not knowledgeable in DeFoMa, but recent changelog entry of gs-cjk-resource seems to indicate that even dropping DeFoMa it still makes sense to preserve the indirection.

Ghostscript 9 made progress in releasing CMap files under a DFSG-free license, but still some of them need to be stripped, so I suspect some users still rely on gs-cjk-resource for their needs with Ghostscript.

Are you certain your change do not negatively affect users of gs-cjk-resource? If so, please elaborate on what more detailed this change consist of, so that I might adopt it for the Debian packaging.


 - Jonas

[Ubuntu]: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ghostscript/9.01~dfsg~svn12005-0ubuntu1

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