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Lexmark X2690 print driver error

I am a fool! I made a suicide myself! I made a huge mess and bought a
printer all-in-one Lexmark X2690! It was the worst purchase I could
have done in my entire life! It does not have recyclable cartridges to
save money; not work well in Linux; cartridges very expensive, and
technical support is sucks! I'm unhappy with it! But I need help until
I can buy a real printer! An Epson or HP.

So, I posted here (http://forums.linux-foundation.org/read.php?29,
11305) a request for help. I also sent this request to Technical
Support, but so far I have not yet received an answer.

Please could you help me?

Or, send it to trash is the best, at moment?


Marcelo Luiz de Laia
Linux user number 487797

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