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Bug#467177: With newer versions the Epson Stylus Photo 915 dosn't work anymore

reassign 467177 cupsys-driver-gutenprint

* Klaus Ethgen <Klaus@Ethgen.de> [2008-02-24 00:52]:
> > testing/sid.  Not sure what happened to it.
> Oh, that is not the problem. cupsys-driver-gimpprint is replaced by
> cupsys-driver-gutenprint in unstable. But cupsys-driver-gutenprint do
> not support my printer.

OK, then let's reassign the bug to cupsys-driver-gutenprint and let
the printer people get back to you about this.

I'm not involved with printing in Debian.  I merely reassign bugs that
have been filed against unknown packages.
Martin Michlmayr

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