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Bug#401405: [Pkg-cups-devel] Bug#401405: bogus error message with ownership problems

On Sunday 03 December 2006 11:32, Martin-Éric Racine wrote:
>su, 2006-12-03 kello 11:02 +0100, Ulrich Eckhardt kirjoitti:
>> [1] Note to anyone with the same initial problem: this is not a
>> fix, because if you unplug and replug the printer, it gets the
>> same permissions again. A proper fix is rather to configure
>> hotplug/udev/hal/whatever to create the node with proper
>> permissions and ownership
> So... Why didn't you file this bug against hal/hotplug/udev, then?

I might, but on the other hand I might not. The point is that Debian is 
relatively conservative concerning access to devices. In particular, it 
doesn't grant access for everybody to any new device, the philosophy is
that you should explicitly grant such rights. So, in other words, this
could just be considered an error on my part because I didn't configure
these right.

Anyhow, this bugreport on cupsys is not about the fact that it didn't
work out of the box but rather that the error-message is bogus. Imagine
a not-so-long time user trying to make anything out of the fact that it
claims a non-connected printer. THAT is the bug in cupsys!



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