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Bug#401405: bogus error message with ownership problems

Package: cupsys


I just installed an USB printer (Samsung ML-1610) and stumbled across
the problem that after the wizard correctly detects the printer's
presence and type, it totally fails when printing. Worse, the 
diagnostic is complete and utter nonsense, it says:

  "Printer not connected; will retry in 30 seconds..."

By looking around a bit and trying this and that, I found out that
the problem is that the device node (/dev/usb/lp0) has owner root:lp.
A simple chmod lp:lp resolved the issue[1]. However, that's not the
issue here, the problem is rather that cupsys falsely diagnoses the
error, there is no connection missing but it's a simple permission



[1] Note to anyone with the same initial problem: this is not a
fix, because if you unplug and replug the printer, it gets the
same permissions again. A proper fix is rather to configure 
hotplug/udev/hal/whatever to create the node with proper 
permissions and ownership

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