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Re: please package the m2300w printer drive

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Tommy Winther <inbox@devious.dk> writes:

> I am the owner of Konica Minolta magicolor 2400w printer, which is
> supported by the m2300w printer driver available at
> http://m2300w.sf.net
> I have tried to install the printer on a debian etch system with the
> latest foomatic/cups packages from unstable.  I initially used
> printconf to autoconfigure the printer. It told me the printer was
> unsupported and printed some xml.  Unfortunately I was unable to
> make it print the xml again, so I can't attach it.
> foomatic-gui gave me the option to select the magicolor 2400w
> printer, but gave this error when trying to add the printer.  "There
> is neither a custom PPD file nor the driver database entry contains
> sufficient data to build a PPD file."
> I also tried the CUPS webinterface, but the 2400w wasn't listed.
> I have successfully compiled the m2300w version 0.51 printer driver
> and copied the various files to their respective places and am now
> able to add the printer through the webinterface and print with the
> printer.  But a real deb package is preferable :)

CUPS won't see the printer unless there's a PPD file for it somewhere
under /usr/share/cups/model.  If it supports CUPS, it should have
installed such a file.  It's possible that foomatic can generate one
for you, but I'm not certain.

No one has volunteered to package it so far, unfortunately.  I did
consider it, but I generally only package software I actively
use--otherwise I have no means to test it is of acceptable quality and
keep it up-to-date.  If you (or anyone else) were to package it, I
would however be willing to review and sponsor it.


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