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please package the m2300w printer drive


I am the owner of Konica Minolta magicolor 2400w printer, which is supported by the m2300w printer driver available
at http://m2300w.sf.net

I have tried to install the printer on a debian etch system with the latest foomatic/cups packages from unstable.
I initially used printconf to autoconfigure the printer. It told me the printer was unsupported and printed some xml.
Unfortunately I was unable to make it print the xml again, so I can't attach it.

foomatic-gui gave me the option to select the magicolor 2400w printer, but gave this error when trying to add the printer.
"There is neither a custom PPD file nor the driver database entry contains sufficient data to build a PPD file."

I also tried the CUPS webinterface, but the 2400w wasn't listed.

I have successfully compiled the m2300w version 0.51 printer driver and copied the various files to their respective places and am now able to add the printer through the webinterface and print with the printer.
But a real deb package is preferable :)

Thanks for your time


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