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Bug#348344: etch system puts out letter format

Package: gs-esp
Version: 8.15.1.dfsg.1-1

When I print pdf documents from xpdf or using the lp command from the
command line or print documents from Openoffice my system puts out letter
formated pages. I have a Laserjet 4 and use Cups. I tried 2 different
drivers (Gutenprint and Cups built-in). My printer takes in the request and
then requests me to put in letter paper via the little printer config led. I
am in Germany and only have a4. All variables in question (xpdf config file,
/etc/papersize, openoffice printer settings) are set to a4. For the printer
to work again I have to switch it off and on again to reset it. A temporary
fix is to save Openoffice documents to pdf and then use Adobe Acroread to
print the document, which works. This fix requires non-free software, which
means printing in Debian main is broken for now (at least for us non-US

I also tested printing directly from Firefox, which also works. There I even
forgot to change from letter to a4 before printing, but still the system
send an a4 job to the printer.

Thank you,

Malte Schmidt-Tychsen

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